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Hire a Hero

As ELD technology continues to transform the trucking industry, companies need drivers who can learn quickly. Most veterans have received training on cutting-edge technology that make them great candidates as drivers.  They also have the leadership skills and diverse experience that allow them to learn, adapt quickly, and accurately interpret data to help them make strategic decisions. This skillset is exactly what the industry needs. In addition, US regulators have made it easier for veterans to get jobs in the trucking industry by simplifying the application process. As part of the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation (FAST) act that was signed…

HOS fines are racking up! $343,647,360.00 HOS fines since the beginning of 2016*
What could you do with that kind of money?
image description Gallons of fuel 127,749,948
image description Truck tires 1,381,135
image description Smokey & The Bandit DVDs 68,729,472
image description iTunes downloads of
Eastbound and Down
image description Miles of road paved with $ 68,729,472
image description Driver salaries 68,729,472
HOS fines add up fast and kill your profits.
* Based on fine amounts ranging from $150-$1100