FleetScience Digital Hub for Transportation and Logistics Industry

ELDfacts is excited to announce the launch of a sister site, FleetScience.com.

The demand is high for useful and instructive resources on topics that are vital to our industry. In addition to the latest information on compliance, our readers are also interested in gaining insight into how to thrive in an ever-changing technological and regulatory landscape. To meet that need, a new digital hub, FleetScience, is now available to provide proven best practices, foster collaboration and promote the development of new ideas about how fleet managers in every size organization can help their companies innovate and succeed.


FleetScience.com is an educational website designed for fleet owners and fleet managers to provide resources they can leverage to take their companies to the next level. It showcases business best practices with a focus on how fleets are using both existing and developing technologies to do more with less and perform at a peak level while doing so.

The portal is organized to include a wide range of topics, including productivity, cost savings, safety, customer service, analytics, driver retention and emerging technology.

In addition to articles about each of the areas of focus, the educational site also delivers its content through a variety of media formats, such as videos, infographics, image galleries, white papers and on-demand webinars. So, if your interests exceed regulatory compliance, be sure to check FleetScience.com out and follow it on Twitter at @Fleet_Science.