Inflation Meets Transportation: Fines for Violations Increase

Avoid HOS Violation Penalties with Electronic Driver Log Software Drive trucks? Fines are going UP! See how much. If it wasn’t already important enough to follow transportation regulations, the FMCSA recently added another reason to ensure compliance–fine increases for violations. In an April 3rd ruling, the FMCSA announced increases to fines across the board for violations to Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSRs) and Hazardous Materials Regulations (HMRs). These increases, which can be as much as $20,000*, are attributed to laws enacted by Congress that allow for increase to fine amounts. The new fines will adjust for inflation and motor…

HOS fines are racking up! $343,647,360.00 HOS fines since the beginning of 2016*
What could you do with that kind of money?
image description Gallons of fuel 127,749,948
image description Truck tires 1,381,135
image description Smokey & The Bandit DVDs 68,729,472
image description iTunes downloads of
Eastbound and Down
image description Miles of road paved with $ 68,729,472
image description Driver salaries 68,729,472
HOS fines add up fast and kill your profits.
* Based on fine amounts ranging from $150-$1100