ELD Mandate FAQs – RODS Requirements, Exemptions, and Agricultural Trucks

As the deadline looms for the ELD Mandate, many fleets still seek answers to common questions. Here are a few questions and answers to help. Will my RODS requirements change after the ELD Mandate goes into force? Keep this one key fact to keep in mind: Nothing has changed about which drivers must keep a Record of Duty Status (RODS) in a log. The ELD Mandate only specifies the tools used to keep the log. If the regulation you were using before ELD was exempt from RODS , it will still be exempt after the ELD. If I’ve never needed…


Understanding Manual Driver Events: Personal Conveyance and Yard Move

The new rules allow fleets to make personal conveyance and yard moves available to their drivers. This can only be done by allowing it or disallowing it. Unlike automatic duty changes, drivers must manually choose when they start and stop using these statuses. Driving activity for these statuses will be shown in the RODS, but the time is logged differently for each of these statuses so it’s important to know how this can affect your operations. On the grid graph that goes with the log, yard moves and personal conveyance will be shown in the off-duty line and the on-duty…


Hours of Service Violations – and Fines – Are Racking Up

Hours of Service violations, and the FMCSA fines associated with those violations, are among the biggest issues facing the transportation industry today. In a time when operational costs are expensive enough, the additional burden of Hours of Service fines can destroy any remaining profits fleets may have. In an effort to show how much of an impact this has on the trucking industry, Omnitracs has launched a clock showing the dollar amount of HOS violations in real time. This clock, which is hosted on the Electronic Logging Device educational site, eldfacts.com, displays a running view of the total dollar amount of HOS violation penalties collected.


The Short Haul Exemption—What You Need to Know to Stay HOS Compliant

Running short haul and worried about how Hours of Service rules and the ELD mandate apply to you?

Let’s take a look at the short haul exemption and clear up your questions. Are you exempt from using ELDs?

According to language in the Supplemental Notice of Proposed Rulemaking, if you’re running short haul, you’re not required to maintain a RODS and, therefore, won’t need to log your hours with an ELD.


Using Hours of Service Exemptions in Adverse Conditions—Your How-To

A white out at Vail Pass. A 20-car pile-up on Chicago’s I-55. Try as you might, it’s hard to prepare for the unexpected. The good news is there are provisions in place to help you out when something does come up. Namely, Hours of Service exemptions relating to adverse conditions.

What exactly are adverse conditions—and how can you use HOS exemptions appropriately?

We’ll explain what you need to know.

HOS fines are racking up! $343,647,360.00 HOS fines since the beginning of 2016*
What could you do with that kind of money?
image description Gallons of fuel 127,749,948
image description Truck tires 1,381,135
image description Smokey & The Bandit DVDs 68,729,472
image description iTunes downloads of
Eastbound and Down
image description Miles of road paved with $ 68,729,472
image description Driver salaries 68,729,472
HOS fines add up fast and kill your profits.
* Based on fine amounts ranging from $150-$1100