ELDs: Self-Certified Doesn’t Mean Verified


A recent article on Heavy Duty Trucking (HDT) has shed light on one of the biggest misconceptions in the transportation industry in recent memory: what it really means to have a “certified” ELD.

You might be thinking that “certification” sounds very official and that vendors touting that label have undergone vigorous testing to verify that their ELD device complies with new regulations. News flash: they haven’t! All this means is that they simply said “I’m an ELD.”

Tom Cuthbertson, Omnitracs vice president of regulatory affairs, helps to explain by saying “it’s a registration process; it’s not a certification process and the FMCSA is not yet vetting documentation.” While the self-certification process is not necessarily easy, the lack of oversight leaves a lot of room for ambiguity. With some providers getting on the list within weeks of the mandate’s release, it’s very unlikely all the self-certified vendors have gone through the rigorous process of ensuring their solutions comply with all 516 pages of the ELD Mandate. Carriers contracting vendors on FMCSA’s self-certification list should ask questions about how the product was certified.

So, how do you ensure you choose a vendor that won’t leave you high and dry after the deadline? The first step is to find an established vendor with a successful track record of providing accurate and reliable electronic logging systems. With a name you can trust, “compliance” is one less thing you have to worry about.

You can read the HDT article in its entirety here.