Time Flies—But the ELD Mandate Is Still Coming

Now that we are in June, it is hard to believe that we’re almost halfway through 2016. Equally hard to believe is that it has been 6 months since the FMCSA issued a ruling on the ELD Mandate. Prior to the FMCSA announcement on December 11, 2015, the industry was abuzz with news and conjecture about this new piece of legislation. After years of anticipation, when was the ruling ACTUALLY going to happen? What were the exact details going to entail? Everyone was talking about it!


Now that the ruling has been issued, though, we are seeing what amounts to the quiet after the storm. Many in the industry likely took the stance that since the rule would not go into effect until December 11, 2017, which is two years after the announcement, there is plenty of time to wait. However, we’re already one quarter of the way through this two-year period. What seemed like an eternity away is now quickly creeping up on us.

For fleets that haven’t started thinking about the mandate, the time is now. While two years, and now eighteen months seemed like plenty of time, the reality is that this deadline is coming much quicker than it seems. This is especially the case as we get tied up in our day to day responsibilities and often forget to focus on long term priorities, a category in which the ELD mandate definitely falls into.

Besides the compliance aspect of adopting ELD technology, savvy fleets have embraced this technology early on as a way to help gain the edge in a very competitive industry. Whether it is lowering fuel costs, reducing maintenance costs and breakdowns, or finding ways to hire and keep the best drivers, ELDs are so much more than simply about compliance.

Still confused about how the ELD Mandate and ELD technology impacts you? Check out this free HDT webinar, “What You Know (And Don’t Know) About the ELD Mandate,” to get the latest from industry experts on the ELD Mandate and what this means for you and your fleet.